The Mind is a House | 2:57

A woman explains the damage she has been able to withstand, using a metaphor.

Text: The Mind is a House, excerpt from Alice & the King of Hearts by Sebastiene Elston.

Read by: the author.

Additional sounds: 
Creaky Woody Floor by soundrecorder7.
Wooden Door 2 by Nelson Bowman.
Mystic Wind Howling by hintringer.
Gale wind by LanDub.

The Ghost of Hamlet's Mother | 5:49

Text: Act 1, Scene 5 of Hamlet, by William Shakespeare.

The gender is reversed, so these are the lines for The Ghost of Hamlet's Mother (instead of father).

Read by: Sebastiene Elston.

Lay Upon Me | 1:29

A woman talks softly, in loving words, to you as you fall asleep against her. With background ambient music.

Text: Lay Upon Me, by Iwillinstructyou.

Read by: Sebastiene Elston.

Additional sounds: 
Background ambient music by Erokia.

The House by H.P. Lovecraft | 2:11

A nervous woman whispers to you all about a house only H.P. Lovecraft could have built.

(Note: the word 'fulgury' means 'lightning.')

Text: 'The House' by H.P. Lovecraft

Read by: Sebastiene Elston

Additional sounds: 
Suspenseful background music by edtijo.

Red Right Hand | 1:24

The lyrics to 'Red Right Hand' by Nick Cave, read as poetry. (Some lines have been omitted for effect.)

Read by: Sebastiene Elston.

Additional sounds: 
Background sounds by Uzbazur345.